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2013-04-15 / Sails
Ideal for onshore Wave riding and freestyle

Last season we reinvented our Wave line by introducing the Killer, a wave sail with a more powerful ergonomic and compact outline than the Kaos.

It became an instant hit with our Team and all wave sailors who like a sail with ample horsepower. They found this sail delivered a little more pressure and grip when wave riding which was very suited to the newer multi fin boards. Many riders also found they could sail with a size smaller than they normally would.

For 2013, after much testing in varied wave conditions around the globe the Killer is taken to another level. The shape has been refined to position the drive further forward and a little lower softening the overall ergonomic without sacrificing its drive. The outline has been altered slightly with a more dramatic stepped clew position. The introduction of a hi tech 2mil triaxial laminate has reduced the overall weight and dramatically reduced the swing weight which is instantly appreciated when ripping those radical maneuvers.

As per 2012 the Killer doubles as a highly admirable freestyle sail, in fact the weight reduction has only enhanced its performance and ability to impress while pulling off the latest new school tricks.

• Higher foot compared to the KAOS for radical manoeuvres
• A more compact outline and lighter weight
• Additional seam shaping provides awesome low down power
• Full Xply construction for maximum durability and soft feel
• Two eyelets for increased wind range
• Ideal for onshore Wave riding and freestyle

Killer, the deadly Wave weapon.

Source: www.kasail.com

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