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Win a windsurfing board!
2013-12-18 / Events

SurfAdviser Lottery - the main prize is still up for grabs!



Our worldwide Windsurfing Gear Ranking gives windsurfing enthusiast a clear picture about what the best products are according to real world windsurfers.

By sharing reviews about each product and rating their most important features, users create this useful ranking for themselves. In order to be really valuable, the ranking needs your input so we encourage you to share your reviews!

The Surfadviser Lottery is ongoing and the main prize is still up for grabs!

So if you have already shared your review or will share it before the 31st of January 2014 you will take part in a draw for

a brand new WINDSURFING BOARD of your choice *)

from those ranked best at Surfadviser.com!

Just add your review for the chance to win a WINDSURFING BOARD that suits you best!

Every single review gives you an extra chance to win a prize!
So get reviewing the windsurfing gear! The best of luck!

*) You can choose the size and the type (category) of the board and, according to the current availability, we will deliver one of the top 5 ranked boards of the chosen category at Surfadviser.com.



Please add your reviews directly below the product you wish to review.
You have to choose your CATEGORY from all GEAR (for example "boards"), then a MANUFACTURER (for example Quatro) then click ADVANCED SEARCH and choose exact product you wish to review. Go to tab "Reviews" where you can rank different features from 1-10.

You can also go directly to "Review your board, Review your sail etc" tabs on the HOME PAGE under "WINDSURFING GEAR RANKING"

You will find more details on how to add reviews HERE

You have to add your reviews through our system and share your email (that will not be published) so that we can contact you if you win!

Thank you and best of luck!


We want to thank all of you who have shared your gear reviews at SurfAdviser.com for helping to create the world biggest Windsurfing Gear Ranking!

We recently drew 10 lucky winners of the Mystic Poncho from all the people who had added their reviews before the 31st of October 2013! Here they are:

1. Firekat from London, UK
2. Coen from Delft, Netherlands

3. Moser from Melbourne, Australia

4. Sausage from Australia
5. Caleb, Hood River, USA
6. Marc from Berlin, Germany
7. Homerdusud from Marseille, France

8. Stephen from Georgetown, Canada

9. Oscar from Warsaw, Poland

10. Taso from Athens, Greece.

Congratulations guys!


The Surfadviser Team