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AHD - SL2 Slalom
2017-05-18 / Boards

Single minded: to ga faster



At AHD, we think that, to make the most of a slalom shape and perform to the max, the shape must remain smooth to ride, comfortable in the chop and provide a sound curve in the jibe, so that you can sail at 100% from the hit start till the end.
That is with this in mind that we have developed our SL2s, together with Diony Guadagnino, and obtained a board which has shined on World Cup slalom races as well as in long distance races such as the “Défi Wind”.

FOIL COMPATIBLE - In 2017, the SL2 have a reinforced tuttlebox to accept all the windsurf foil on the market.



Pascal and Diony have subtly amended the shape in order to increase « top-speed » performance.
Rails are now squarer.
On a shorter outline, the hull-bottom sports a long V and a progressive double-concave.
All this is meant to improve the board’s intrinsic speed.
The mast-foot position is sunk into the deck.
The new exclusive OSS Double Carbon Sandwich boosts performance while bringing further lightness and rigidity!
Cut-outs have made their way back and reduced wetted-surface when planing.

◾Long V and progressive double concave in the hull’s bottom
◾Square rails
◾Compact outline
◾Lowered down mast-foot


Source: www.ahd-boards.com