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About SurfAdviser
SurfAdviser is the world’s biggest online catalogue of windsurfing equipment, manufacturers and retailers. Windsurfing fans can find there all the necessary information about available windsurfing gear they need or are interested in.

A specially prepared SurfAdviser search engine allows you to easily compare different versions of equipment and effectively search for exactly what you need. Simply set your search criteria, seek out the gear, sort, move, compare any pieces of equipment and find the thing which suits your needs best!

After choosing the gear you can go directly to the retailer-list and select the retailer with the best offer. You can also start a retailer-search, using the special option on our search engine.

Our unique, advanced Surf-Calculator allows you to find the windsurfing gear appropriate to you – equipment that matches your needs, your skill level and the conditions on the water.
Selecting suitable gear isn’t a problem any more – define your preferences, enter your bodyweight and check which gear is best for you!

The Surf-Calculator, operating on the basis of special mathematical formulas and experiences of many famous windsurfers, solves the old dilemma – what board and what sail should I choose for the given conditions? The only thing you have to do is to measure the current wind speed and air temperature. After entering your specific data you will know what equipment to use!

As a registered user you can enjoy many attractive options available as part of your account on the SurfAdviser website. For instance, you can create your own virtual garage where you can store the surf-gear you actually own. You can then manage your equipment very easily and update it when needed by creating your own lists (such as ‘Wave tackle’, ‘Gear to sell’, ‘Things to repair’ and the like) - and with the right checklist prepared for a trip you can avoid any unpleasant surprises upon arrival by taking all the necessary stuff you need with you.

You can share your personal experiences with other users and submit your opinions – have your say and create the “Windsurfing Gear Ranking” which presents the most highly regarded and recognized equipment among windsurfers.

The Surf-Glossary can help you to clarify all the windsurfing terms and better understand common surf-language – it is the best tool to familiarize yourself with this wonderful sport.

The SurfAdviser website offers you the latest information from the windsurfing world, especially in and around the equipment scene. To be kept up to date just click the “What’s New” tab!

So what should you do now?
Find, compare, choose & … surf!

The SurfAdviser team